Bone Grafting at Woodstock Square Dental


What is Bone Grafting?

A bone graft is a surgical dental procedure that is used to correct a defect or deficiency in the bone structure involved in supporting teeth or tooth implants. Bone grafts use the patient’s own bone or bone substitute (such as human or animal bones from bone and tissue banks, or synthetic materials) to build up the area where the bone is deteriorated. Bone grafts may be performed to help existing teeth position and integrate correctly. Where teeth are missing, a bone graft may be necessary for a tooth implant to hold correctly.

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Bone Grafting at Woodstock Square Dental

Explore the benefits of bone grafting at Woodstock Square Dental in Woodstock, Ontario. This surgical procedure corrects bone deficiencies supporting teeth or implants, using patient’s own bone or substitutes like human, animal, or synthetic materials. Bone grafts are essential for supporting natural teeth positioning or preparing for a tooth implant. Consult with our experts to see how bone grafting can improve your dental health and implant success.